Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bangs are Back!

I've spotted a few celebrities sporting new fringe in the last few days! There are two discernable styles I have seen. The soft, blunt bang and the wispy, jagged bang. Keep on reading to see pictures of the styles!

First up is the soft, blunt bang:

Kelly Clarkson

Rachel McAdams

Jessica Biel

The wispy, jagged bang:


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Reese Witherspoon

I am more of a fan of the wispy, jagged style, than the blunt, thick ones. I think they look really cute on Rachel McAdams, but other than that, I think they are pretty hard to pull off without being too "middle school". I think the wispier styles are more flattering, fun and edgy. I love how the wispy bangs look good on a wide range of ages and faces, from Reese's heart shaped face to Sarah Michelle Gellar's (SMG) more oval face. I think this is a style gals into their 40s could easily pull off. I really fell in love with how they styled SMG's bangs on the 2012 return of Ringer. They looked so soft and moveable and they framed her face just perfectly! I would love to try bangs like these, but I'm not really a bang gal. I do love side bangs though! They help balance my face out!

What do you think of these fringe styles?

Thanks for reading!


Pics found: HereHere and Here

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